Cleans guide and tips

If you want to develop explosive power and increase your fat burning and conditioning, you can’t go wrong with kettlebell cleans. Cleans are a functional exercise as in everyday life you can be picking objects up from the ground. It is a full body exercise, in particular hitting your hamstrings and whole posterior chain. As many … More Cleans guide and tips

Kettlebell complex

Complexes are great for adding variety into your exercise sessions. These are circuits of exercises performed one after the other and will help increase your endurance as well as your strength. They are excellent if you are pressed for time and need a quick workout. The below complex can be done with one kettlebell and mixes … More Kettlebell complex

Kettlebell exercises

New pictures and descriptions of more kettlebell exercises have been added to the Exercises page. These include: cleans, halos, hammer curls, sideways lunges and good mornings. Check them out and incorporate them into your workouts to get even more benefits from kettlebells.

Trap bar

Taking a break from kettlebells today to discuss another awesome piece of training equipment. I am of course talking about the trap bar aka the hex bar aka the shrug bar aka what-the-hell-is-that bar. They have been around since the 80’s but still don’t get the dues they deserve. They are usually hexagon shape but can … More Trap bar