Goblet squat guide and tips

If you could just perform one exercise for the rest of your life, many people would select squats. The squat of the goblet variety, besides from having an awesome name, are excellent for strength, mobility and practising and ingraining correct squat form. Squatting is a movement performed everyday from sitting down on a chair to picking something up from the ground so you should not neglect this movement whilst exercising.

With back squats (squats performed with a barbell across your back), it can be quite difficult to learn proper technique but it can be made easier with goblet squats which are quicker to get the hang of. They are also a great warmup exercise if you will be progressing to heavier back squats later in your workout.


Due to the center of mass being in front of the body, there is less stress on the spine and more emphasis on the quads and core and it is harder to lean unnaturally too forward whilst squatting which should not be done. They are also a great alternative to back squats if you have issues with shoulder mobility which is becoming a common problem these days due to long periods of sitting down at a desk or on a couch. They can also help with hip mobility.

Goblet squat tips:

  • Look straight ahead.
  • Keep elbows close to body.
  • Keep kettlebell close to chest.
  • Keep back straight.
  • Feet should be flat throughout the exercise, slightly pointed outward and slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Elbows should lightly touch inside of knees when in bottom position.

I hope this has motivated you to grab a kettlebell and get squatting. You will not be disappointed.

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