How to hold a kettlebell

Kettlebells can be held in different ways depending on the exercise being performed. Different grips can be used to make an exercise more easier or challenging. Below are some descriptions of the more commonly used grips.

1) The Rack Position. Keep your elbow close to your body and your lower arm and wrist straight. The kettlebell handle should be just under your chin. It should be resting on your arm. You can hold a kettlebell in each hand in this position also.
2) Goblet Position. Sometimes called ‘by the horns’. Keep elbows close to body and kettlebell handle just under your chin and close to your chest. Try not to round your shoulders. A good position for beginners. Allows the weight to be spread over both shoulders and the weight to remain central.
3) Bottoms Up Position. Same as above but hold the kettlebell upside down.
4) Bottoms Up Position (One hand). This grip is more challenging than the others as more stabilisation is required.
5) Ball Grip. Hold the kettlebell from the bottom with both hands.

I hope you found this information helpful. Please free to leave a comment below.

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